Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Martial Arts Insurance with Participant Liability Coverage

Participant Liability Coverage is the most essential provision that a liability insurance policy can provide Martial Arts schools. Many martial arts schools use Basic Liability insurance to satisfy lease requirements. This might appear to be a good plan, however Basic Liability insurance won't defend you in the event of student or tournament participant injuries, involving your business. If you must have insurance to enter a lease, make sure that you are protected with the proper coverage.

A martial arts school in California recently closed, due to a major lawsuit, from a disgruntled student, who alleged that they were injured while training. Even though the school possessed liability insurance, their policy didn't include "Participant Liability Coverage". As a result of not having this specific type of coverage, the school was forced to close, because they couldn't afford to defend themselves in court.

Numerous interviews with martial arts school owners, regarding this incident, compelled them to critique their own policies, with the aid of their insurance agents. Without the necessary protection in place, similar incidents pose a serious threat to any martial arts school. Many school owners, who were interviewed, were outraged. After careful research and consideration, "Martial Arts Group" and "Martial Arts Insurance" were identified as the best online sources for insurance policies, encompassing Participant Liability provisions.

Martial Arts Group Inc. was noted for offering premium finance options and great customer service. Their staff even offered to prepare the entire application, over the phone, if required. There were some minor, additional fees, but the services, which they provided were well worth it.

If you are prepared to complete the entire application on your own and save some money in the process, then Martial Arts Insurance is the best option for comprehensive coverage, at the lowest price. “We have witnessed a significant increase in the amount of claims, in recent years. The increase in claims could be the result of many things. A poor economic climate and inadequate supervision of martial arts schools are a few possibilities. There is not enough information, at this time, to form the best conclusion.” says Donald Prue.


  1. A martial arts school in California recently closed, due to a major lawsuit, from a disgruntled student, who alleged that they were injured while training.
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