Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Critical Considerations when purchasing Martial Arts Insurance

1. History of our company
Martial Arts Group Inc., was founded in 1990 by two Martial Artists, who were dissatisfied with the high cost of Martial Arts Insurance, and took the initiative in reducing their expenses. They also appealed to other Martial Arts School owners, with similar difficulties, who eventually became customers.

2. What type of insurance coverage do you offer?
We currently provide insurance policies, essential for Martial Arts school owners. The most common policy is liability and health care insurance coverage for participants and owners. We also offer school contents insurance, which protects products presented for sale and equipment found inside the school. In addition, tournaments, camps (all sorts) and MMA coverage is also available. We recently incorporated Workers Compensation insurance, which is expected by the States of New York, New Jersey and California and is gaining momentum in other States.

3. The most important things to consider before purchasing martial arts insurance.
The largest factor to consider is; can you survive a million dollar lawsuit? Martial Arts instructors educate their students in self-defense; instructors must also defend themselves with the right Martial Arts Insurance coverage. Hopefully you will never have to rely on your policy, but if so, you'll need a complete insurance policy. Instructors should always investigate the company and verify their credibility because insurance is the instructor's first line of self defense.

4. Do most martial arts schools carry insurance?
Is it a requirement?
All Martial Arts Schools should carry liability insurance coverage. Over 90% of landlords demand that Martial Arts School owners have liability insurance prior to entering a lease agreement.

5. Is your insurance coverage reasonably priced for the typical, single-location school, or is it primarily for larger businesses?
We are proud to offer the most affordable, full-service, and readily available insurance coverage in the industry. Regardless of school dimensions, all customers are treated equally. No school is too small or large.

6. What type of incidents does the insurance cover?
Example scenarios and the benefit of insurance
The most prevalent incident is a student-sustained injury while training. We have processed several claims in which a student sustained a neck injury and the studio was sued. Accidents do occur, which is why all school owners, need liability/health-related insurance coverage. Instructors should ensure that their policies have Participant Liability provisions. Only policies with Participant Liability coverage will protect them from student injury-related lawsuits. Unfortunately, many policies do not have Participant Liability Coverage.

7. How are your products or services different than your competitors?

  1. We submit all the vital paperwork for our consumers.
  2. We serve as a buffer between the insurance organization and our clients, which expedites policies, claims and so forth.
  3. Client service.

8. What makes your business effective?
Customer service. Several of our customers have switched to us because they couldn't reach a single person from their previous providers, due to poor customer service.

9. How do you advertise your services?
Print media, online and word of mouth. We get most our consumers from word of mouth because our policies and customer service is fantastic.

10. Is there anything else that I should know?
The most vital points to consider is the importance of "Participant Liability Coverage" and the high-quality customer service that we provide.

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