Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top 3 Questions about Martial Arts Insurance

Martial arts insurance is necessary for any organization that has individuals involved in this art form. By nature, accidents happen. With the right amount and type of insurance, your business can be protected from costly, and sometimes business shattering, lawsuits. However, many people have questions about this type of insurance. Martial Arts Liability Insurance, a top provider of this type of insurance to a variety of types of businesses, can provide you with the resources you need to answer those questions.

Below are some of the top questions commonly asked by those considering martial arts insurance. If you have other questions, feel free to contact Martial Arts Liability Insurance to learn more.

Why are the costs for martial arts liability insurance, from this company in particular, so affordable?

Unbelievably, many people do not realize that the cost of investing in this type of insurance is actually quite affordable. The costs are affordable from Martial Arts Liability Insurance specifically because the company makes you do all of the work. In other words, there is no middleman or sales agent. Here, you ensure your policy is correct and that the process was followed properly. In addition to this, if you submit a claim, you must make sure it is properly completed. That cuts the costs down considerably.

What is minimum earned premium?

Minimum earned premium is a term you will find associated with martial arts insurance. It is the nonrefundable premium, at a minimum rate, charged to the policyholder. This amount can change. However, to determine what it is, use the current student count calculator. If the results of using that calculator show a rate that is at the minimum earned premium, you do not receive a refund if you cancel your policy before it expires. If it is higher, you may receive a refund for the prorated amount that is in excess of the minimum charge (the minimum earned premium.)

I need insurance soon. How long does it take to receive my certificate of insurance?

It is common for martial arts studios to want a rush put on their application. The fact is your application will be processed quickly. When you submit the application during normal business owners, your application will bind within 24 hours. If you submit after business hours, it may take an additional 48 hours for the process to bind. Once the application is bound, you will receive a certificate detailing your policy. This is emailed to you, which also reduces the time.

There are often many questions in regards to martial arts insurance. Each individual may need a unique type of policy or may be unsure of special circumstances. Whenever this occurs, simply contact Martial Arts Liability Insurance directly and ask your question. You can and may wish to submit your application right away, especially if you have an event occurring within a short amount of time. Keep in mind the value of such an insurance policy is well worth it, especially when something dreadful occurs.

How to Pick a Great Martial Arts Insurance Provider

How do you pick martial arts insurance? You could just select any company and hope for the best, but this leaves you as vulnerable, in some cases, and going without this type of insurance. Rather than making this mistake, invest in the services of a professional company who is working with you to achieve the goals you have. When you are buying martial arts insurance, you need to know the company behind the policy. For this reason, it makes sense to do some basic research.

A good example of a qualified company to obtain your insurance through is Martial Arts Liability Insurance. This company's qualifications should provide you with a gold standard.

Check out the following qualifications of Martial Arts Liability Insurance and how well this company stacks up against others.

· Experience matters: There are often new companies coming on the market promising the lowest rates and the best policy. Without experience in the industry, they are likely unable to provide you with the type of policy you can be confident in. Martial Arts Liability Insurance, on the other hand, has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

· A rate policy: This company takes the time to analyze and compare rates often. This company wants to offer the lowest rates available to ensure that you, as a business owner, have the best product for your needs at a rate that is affordable. To keep rates low, the company uses its buying power to leverage better rates. By negotiating lower rates due to bulk need, the savings is passed from the provider on to your business.

· The right type of insurance: One of the mistakes other companies make is trying to sell too much or too little to a business. Rather than do this, this company ensures that the policy you get is what you need. The company does not want you to spend more than you have to for a policy that offers you no more coverage or protection.

· Martial arts style: Another area you need to consider when selecting martial arts insurance is the limitations of the provider. Some insurance providers are limited in the types of policy they can offer. With Martial Arts Liability Insurance, though, you can teach styles such as kung fu, judo, karate, tae kwon do, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, capo era, tai chi and aikido, to name just a few.

· Who is behind the company: Look at the owner and management of the insurance provider. Do they know and have the experience in the industry you want them to have? If not, move on to a company that does.

Martial arts insurance is something you need to protect your business and your own financial health. Without it, your business is at risk. However, you do not need insurance from a costly provider that cannot provide you with the type and amount of insurance your individual business needs. For that reason, turn to Martial Arts Liability Insurance to get the information and resources you need to get started.