Sunday, January 2, 2011

Essentials of Martial Arts Insurance

Martial arts insurance is a must-have for any instructor or studio. It does not have to be expensive or hard to obtain, though. If you are in the market for a new policy or you just want to find out what the costs will be, turn to Martial Arts Liability Insurance, a company that provides some of the lowest costing insurance available to companies today. What you may not realize is just how affordable and how easy it is to get this level of coverage. More so, you may be impressed to know that you can often get the policy in place right away.

The first question many people ask is how to get a quote for service. The good news is that Martial Arts Liability Insurance provides online quotes for your specific needs. Visit the company’s website. Fill in the information requested at the site on the calculator page. Then, you will receive an accurate, instant quote, in most cases. You can also obtain more information by contacting the company directly.

In order to provide you with a policy, the company will charge you a minimum, non refundable premium. Once you apply for the policy formally on the website, the entire process speeds up and you can receive the coverage you need right away. The policy will often take just a few business days to put into place. In fact, if you submit your application during normal business hours, it will be binding within 24 hours of that time. It will usually take no more than 48 hours of the company receiving your full application to get you the information necessary.

For those who need to receive a certificate of insurance for a tournament, the good news is that this process is fast, too. In most cases, you will receive this information on time as long as you submit your tournament application a week before the tournament is in place. Then, the previously mentioned timelines are applicable.

What Is Required

Once you are ready to get more information, gather some simple information about your business and then use the online calculator to provide you with more information. You will need to know:
  • The number of liability claims you made in the last five years.
  • If you have a release waiver on file for each of the students enrolled in your program
  • If you offer contact boxing
  • If you need a permit of any kind to operate
  • The number of students you have
  • And the types of sparring gear you use.
Once you have this information on hand, the rest of the process is very easy. You just need to request a quote from the company and fill out an application. This is all done through the company’s website for faster service. You never even have to talk to the company if you do not want to. The key to remember is that in order to get effective martial arts insurance, you need to work with a trustworthy company such as Martial Arts Liability Insurance.

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