Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are the Requirements for Getting Martial Arts Insurance

Martial arts insurance is one of the most important types of insurance products for companies in this business. is a company offering the necessary protections for any business or school teaching martial arts. The company's policies may provide the right type of insurance for your needs. Before you elect to purchase this insurance, though, it is important to ensure you can meet the requirements of the company. In most cases, getting martial arts insurance is possible.

Understanding Potential Requirements

Each situation is unique, which is why every school must fill out an application to obtain the necessary insurance. Below are some of the most important parts of such an application for martial arts insurance.

· You will need to state what type of instruction you provide. This may include a description of the type of martial arts you perform such as kickboxing, karate, jujitsu, judo, shotokan, cardio, tai chi and so on.

· You will need to discuss any potential liability claims you have had, particularly in the last five years.

· You will need to meet any requirements for the number of students you have.

· You will need to have a release waiver on file for each of the students you are working with. This release waiver will protect your business from any liability claims.

· You will need to state if you offer contact boxing.

· You will need to list the types of sparing gear you use, including mouthpieces, headgear, groin protectors, boots, breast and chest protectors, and other items. You will also need to explain the rules of using this gear as well as the sparring rules in place.

· Do you use any weapons? If so, how are they used, what types and what are the rules in place for using them?

· You will need to state if you have additional insured or any additional locations that need to be covered or are covered.

· You will need to consider the value and importance of having some type of contents and equipment coverage.

· You will need to determine if you need tournament coverage. If so, this can be added to your policy as it is need.

In addition to these factors, it is also important to take into consideration the rules and regulations surrounding the martial arts insurance. Most applications provide you with a variety of details and terms to read. Read them and understand them. If you are not sure how they work or what they include, ask for an explanation or contact your attorney to read through the application and the policy.

In many cases, trustworthy companies such as Martial Arts Liability Insurance will provide you with all of the information you need to make a decision about obtaining martial arts insurance and what regulations you need to meet. If you have questions about these policies, simply take the time to ask questions and to investigate further. The key is to be honest in your application so that you receive an accurate quote.

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